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Token Login

Token login is a plugin for Media Manager's Video Channels to undergo token-based authentication.

Accessing a Video Channel

To access a Video Channel simply visit the site with two GET parameters in the URL: token and viewer. The token can be generated by hashing the key and viewer together using the md5 method i.e. hashing keyviewer. Each term is described below.

  • token used to check if access to the Video Channel is authorized. It is an md5 hash that consists of the key and viewer i.e. keyviewer.
  • viewer used in combination with the hidden key to create a token. It is also used to log whoever is viewing content on a Video Channel.
  • key a secret keyword used to create tokens to authenticate viewers accessing the Video Channel. This is provided by the Media Manager team <>_.


The key should be kept secret and treated like a password.


Examples of a URL used to authenticate a viewer with token login: