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Popup Embed

Media Manager has a Popup embed. This allows you to make an element on your page trigger a popup which will in turn load your video.

First you will need to create the element you want to trigger the popup.

<a href="#">Play video</a>

This on itself is not enough, we need to add some attributes to it about the video we want to embed and how we want it embedded.

<a href="#" class="mediamanager-embed" data-id="53ec6f53140ba029158b45e1" data-client="demo" data-template="524d335275a295281e8b46d9" data-width="800" data-height="450">View Video</a>

There are number of different attributes you can attach to the element. You can see a list of them below.

Parameter Required Description
data-id yes The ID of the media
data-client yes Your client shortname
data-template no The template you wish to embed the video on
data-width no The width of the popup
data-height no The height of the popup
data-autoplay no If media should autoplay within template (default:true)
data-social no If player should have social options (default:true)

In order for it to work we need to apply a class of "mediamanager-embed" to the element also. This tells the script where to find the element. Now we need to include the actual script itself.

<script src="https://{shortname}"></script>


You need to replace {shortname} with your account shortname.