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Filtering allows you to filter down responses from the APIs by passing extra parameters.


Name Description
playlist Filter content down to a certain playlist
templateID Filter content down to a certain template
tags Filter content down to media that have provided tag
id Filter down to a particular content by its ID
user Filter down content to content “owned” by a certain user
advanced_tags Filter down content based on advanced tags
created Filter down content to a certain created date
publish_date Filter down content to a certain publish_date


By default when filtering down content a equals operator is used for all filters, but you can change this on a per filter basis. This can be done by passing the operator parameter as well. The format is the following


An example would be


This would mean not equal. So if we wanted to filter down the content to videos that are NOT on a certain template. You can pass a comma separated list of these operators like below.


For all other filters passed a default operator of = (equal) will be used, but for templateID and id the operator != (not equal) will be used.