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Media Manager has a number of different APIs you can make use of. There are a couple considerations before hand.


All APIs are prefixed with https://{shortname}{version}/, where {shortname} is replaced by your accounts shortname and {version} is replaced by the version you wish to use.


All API requests must be sent via https://. If https:// is not used, then a error will be thrown.

    error: {
        message: "Request must be HTTPS",
        code: 400

Rate limiting

All API requests are rate limited. You can send up to 100 requests per minute. Any requests after that will throw a Rate Limit Exceeded 403 error. Headers are returned to let you know how many more requests you have left as X-Ratelimit-Remaining and also a X-Ratelimit-Limit header telling you the limit.



Whilst the libraries listed above are still available, we no longer actively support their use.